Links for Teachers

Resources for Math Education
Illuminations Illuminations provides resources to improve the teaching and learning of math, based upon NCTMís Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. The site gives an overview of the Standards by grade level and topic and provides e-examples for each. You can search through about 500 lesson plans and 100 online activities by grade level and related Standard.
CLN Math History Theme Page, from the Community Learning Network (CLN) in Canada.  This page contains information and links to topics in math history, including lesson plans.
Teacher2Teacher Teacher2Teacher from The Math Forum.  You may ask questions about teaching math at any level, or search the archive. They also sponsor Ask Dr. Math, where math questions are answered.
Sites about Graphing
Games on Graphs Games on Graphs from the MegaMath site at Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Topics range from graph activities for young children to the vocabulary of graph theory.
MEPP Algebra, Graphing, and Statistics learning units for middle school and Probability and Patterns learning units for elementary school, from the Mathematics Education Partnership Program (MEPP) of the NSA.  For each unit, the relationship to NCTM standards is discussed.  You'll find links to more learning units, K-12, in many math subjects.
Integrating Technology
Tools for Understanding Tools for Understanding, funded by the US Dept of Education, is designed to help middle school and secondary math teachers integrate common technologies (such as spreadsheets) into their instruction.  You'll find integrated lessons, journaling activities, and a wealth of research on technology integration.
ITP International Telementor Program, a program of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center resembles traditional academic mentoring, but students and their mentors communicate via the web.  Students are 6th grade through college, while mentors are professionals sponsored by their companies.